Swimming Lessons at Sportscenter Concord

Swimming lessons at the Sportscenter Fitness & Athletic Club are held throughout the week in the indoor pool area; although membership is not required, it is recommended.

Lessons are available for different skill levels – from beginner to advanced — and applicable fees apply. For more information about swim clinics at our gym in Concord, contact Jennifer Newton at 704.701.1695 or jennifer.newton@sportscenternc.com.

Level 1

This level of instruction is for students who are comfortable swimming without an adult in the water.

  • Students must be able to swim at least ½ length of pool with head in water.
  • For students who can swim independently, but need help with stroke technique, particularly freestyle.
  • Students will learn how to dive properly.

Level 2

  • This level is for students who can swim freestyle and backstroke at least one length of the pool and would like to become more proficient.
  • Students will learn the basics of butterfly and backstroke.
  • Students will also learn the proper way to dive.

Level 3

  • For students who are strong swimmers and can swim at least 100 yards without stopping.
  • This group will focus on developing strength and endurance as well as speed.
  • Level 3 is for swimmers who would like to swim year-round but are also interested in other sports. You must be dedicated to becoming a better and stronger swimmer! This is a non-competitive way for swimmers to stay in shape through the fall and winter months.
  • The first session of this level is focused on preparing high school swimmers for their swim season.

For more information about swim lessons at our Concord gym, contact Jennifer Newton at 704.701.1695 or jennifer.newton@sportscenternc.com.