Strengthen Your Core with Mat Pilates Classes

Mat Pilates may be considered a lower impact form of exercise but don’t let that fool you! This group fitness class strengthens and tones your core muscles to leave you feeling stronger, refreshed, and maybe even more relaxed.

Traditional Pilates classes use equipment like barrels and reformers but Mat Pilates uses nothing more than a mat or cushion for your support. Your certified instructor will lead you through the strengthening stretches and poses, making sure you have the proper form and technique.

What’s so important about a strong core? Your core muscles — the abs, obliques, shoulders, glutes, and back muscles — help you carry out your daily activities, especially those functional tasks that require bending, lifting, or pulling. A strong core supports your lower back and powers your arms and legs for the most efficient movement without stress, strain, injury, or fatigue.

If your fitness goals include a six pack or flatter abs, then Mat Pilates at our Concord gym is the class for you! Check out the class schedule or stop by and learn more about this gentle but powerful workout.