Say Goodbye to Junk Food

As you carry out your exercise routine, don’t forget that what you put into your body has a huge impact on your workout and the results you hope to achieve. Sportscenter Fitness & Athletic Club wants to remind you of some of the benefits of fueling your body with the right type of food.

The key to performing, looking, and feeling your best is to eat nutrient-dense foods such as lean meats (or other sources of protein) and vegetables. Practice moderation when it comes to foods that are rich in calories and carbohydrates, such as grains, fruits, and any type of processed food.

The benefits of a varied, well-balanced diet are many:

Weight Management
Keeping off excess pounds can save you lots in terms of healthcare expenditures and drastically improves your sense of physical well-being and quality of life. It can also boost confidence and mood, which are just as important.

Decreased Risk of Disease
Good nutrition may prevent or improve some chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and depression. Replacing junk food with healthier alternatives can help you avoid the discomfort and medical costs of serious illness.

Improved Sleep
Cutting out junk food can significantly improve sleep. Not only is it easier to get to sleep, you’ll likely sleep more soundly at night.

Sleep is vital for healing and immune function, mood, and mental focus. A good night’s sleep induced by good diet can directly affect health, sense of wellbeing, and performance in your work and daily activities.

Boosted Energy Levels
In general, you could say that cutting out junk food and eating better leaves you with more energy. Feel better and accomplish more by reducing your junk food consumption!

Changing your lifestyle to include “clean” eating might seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve tried unsuccessfully in the past.

The good thing about gym membership? You have a built-in support system to help.

Dietitians at our Concord gym will teach you about calorie intake, portion sizes, and reading labels – and our personal trainers will help you connect the dots between what you eat and how you work out.

Here’s the bottom line. Revise your way of thinking to consider food as your body’s fuel. Sugar in the tank just won’t work – and neither will sugar and junk food.
It’s time to say good-bye.