What’s Up with Yoga and Pilates?

women in pilates class

What’s Up with Yoga and Pilates?

The Sportscenter Fitness and Athletic Club, the best gym in Concord, offers all types of group exercise classes – from the high intensity energy of Cardio Blast and Zumba – to the lower impact mind and body strengthening of yoga and Pilates.

Don’t be fooled, though. While both yoga and Pilates may be less strenuous that other types of floor exercises, they are just as effective for improving strength, balance, and range of motion.


Here are a few more facts for you.

Yoga utilizes poses and postures in combination with controlled breathing techniques for improved flexibility and mobility. By comparison, Pilates is a dynamic form of exercise that focuses on strengthening core muscles to keep the body balanced and provide support for the spine.

Aside from gentle movements and stretches to build muscle tone, both yoga and Pilates help boost cardiovascular and circulatory health. And as classes can be easily customized to suit anyone’s physical limitations or fitness levels, yoga and Pilates are ideal for beginners, serious athletes, and everyone in between.

If you regularly do cardio workouts or strength training, try adding a yoga or Pilates class to your routine. Why? You’ll be working different groups of muscles and performing different exercises than you normally would, so you’ll keep your body guessing and working.

Participating in a yoga or Pilates class is about more than just improving flexibility and muscle tone. Participating with group exercise can also help reduce stress and promote relaxation, leaving you feeling energized and refreshed. Yoga also benefits concentration and focus, providing clarity while calming the mind.

If you’re not sure whether you want to incorporate yoga or Pilates into your regular workout routine, why not stop by our Concord gym and try both options for yourself! Relax, get fit, and enjoy peaceful body awareness.