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Club Policies


General Policies

Accessibility Policy. The Sportscenter is committed to ensuring the accessibility of our facility and website for people with disabilities. We aim to create an experience that is accessible for everyone.
Age Limit. Members must be at least 16 years of age to utilize the facility without adult supervision.
Proper Conduct. We strive to uphold a clean, family-friendly atmosphere. As such, we expect proper and respectful conduct on our premises at all times. We do not permit disrespectful conduct toward our members, guests, employees, vendors, or property, including but not limited to: vulgar, profane, indecent, offensive, violent, threatening, harassing, fraudulent, or other inappropriate conduct.
Club Etiquette. For the comfort and safety of all members, we ask that you follow our club courtesy guidelines. Club Etiquette.
Sanitation. The Sportscenter employs various cleaning, hygiene, disinfecting, and sanitation protocols related to the operation and maintenance of the premises. Sportscenter protocols are designed to be thorough, but there are still dangers, hazards, and risks of injury, illness, sickness, or disease.
General Hygiene. We expect you to uphold general personal hygiene. Please wash your hands regularly with soap and water especially after use of equipment or fixtures. Also, please refrain from excessive use of scented oils, lotions, colognes, perfumes, or other fragrances out of respect for other members and any fragrance or chemical sensitivities. It is also expected that you refrain from or avoid smelling of smoke or other fragrant substances upon entry or use of the premise.
• Weapons. You may not bring or use weapons of any kind on the premises for any reason.
Proper Attire. You must wear proper attire at all times, including shirts and shoes, unless noted in a specific area or as appropriate for a specific activity or class. See Club Etiquette.
Membership Check-In. As a member, you may not enter the center without your membership card, whether electronic or physical; you must scan in at the front desk prior to entry. To help verify your identity at member check-in; you are required to have your picture taken for your membership.
Personal Belongings. Keep workout bags, backpacks, coats, and personal belongings in the locker room, not in designated workout areas. Be sure that your locker is secured before you leave it. You may use our lockers only while you are on the premises; you may not leave any personal belongings in a locker overnight. All items left in lockers overnight will be removed. Do not leave valuables in plain view in your vehicle.
Equipment. You may not modify any Sportscenter equipment from its intended use. You may not bring in personal equipment, mechanical or otherwise, unless first approved by management, at our sole discretion, and any such approval may be revoked at any time for any reason.
Locker Rooms & Bathroom Use. We expect proper etiquette in our locker rooms. You may not spit, sleep, or engage in any sexual conduct in our locker rooms. You must dispose of towels in the designated container. No photography or cameras are allowed in any locker room. Children over the age of four, in the locker rooms of the opposite gender, are prohibited. Please use other bathrooms in facility as a private changing area. Sportscenter members and guests must use the locker room and bathroom that corresponds to the gender identified on their license, ID, or birth certificate.
Sauna and Steam Room. You may not shave in, or use in the nude. You may not pour water on the sauna heater. Our sauna and steam room are considered quiet areas. Cell phones may not be used to take or place calls. Headphones or earbuds are required when using cell phones for music.
Leagues. You may not organize your own informal or formal sports leagues, tournaments, or programs, including but not limited to basketball, tennis, racquetball, and volleyball. The Sportscenter retains sole discretion to determine whether a member or guest is engaged in league play.
Solicitation. Unless authorized by The Sportscenter, you may not solicit-whether in person or in writing-any members, guests, or Team Members on the premises including but not limited to solicitations for political or religious purposes, media interviews, business opportunities, or services.
Loitering. Members must leave the premises after club hours. Members must not hang out in parking after club hours or leave cars overnight.
Cell Phones and Other Mobile Devices. Cellular phones may not be used in photographic or video mode in any locker room, rest room, sauna, steam room, any other private area of the facility, or in SC|kids childcare center. Please use common courtesy when using mobile devices in other areas.
Photography and Video. Professional photography and recording of video on the premises are not allowed without the advance approval of Sportscenter Management. Personal photography is allowed in public areas of the club only. You must have consent to photograph any other member, guest or team member. The Sportscenter allows certain team members to take images of members and guests for social media purposes, including participants in group class studios. If you do not wish to have images taken by The Sportscenter, please let the team member know, so that you can opt out.
Alcohol. You may not consume alcohol on the premises unless purchased from The Sportscenter. You must be of legal drinking age and have valid ID. You may not use our equipment or services while under the influence of alcohol. The Sportscenter reserves the right to refuse alcohol service to anyone at any time. Excessive consumption may result in the termination of your membership.
Drugs. You may not use, smell of, possess, or sell any illegal drug on the premises, including but not limited to anabolic steroids or other illegal growth-enhancing substance. You may not use our equipment, services or programs while under the influence of illegal drugs.
Smoking. We are a smoke & tobacco free health facility. You may not smoke, chew or use any other tobacco or electronic cigarette products on Sportscenter property including outdoor areas.
Facility Closures or Access Restrictions. We reserve the right to close or restrict access, without advance notice, to any area of the entire facility, for any reason, including but not limited to closures or restrictions related to construction, remodeling, repair, or maintenance. Updates on such closures can be found on the Sportscenter member mobile app and/or on social media accounts. Your obligation to pay membership dues is not dependent upon usage, availability, or access to the center.
Animals. You may not bring any animal on the premises unless it is a service animal performing its duties in the care of a person who requires its assistance or is an on-duty law enforcement animal (“exempt animals”). All exempt animals must be licensed, vaccinated, and have identification tags They must remain leashed or caged and must be removed immediately if it causes a disturbance, interrupts the work of others, or poses a health or safety risk to those who are exposed to it. The animal’s owner must promptly remove animal waste and is liable for any damage caused.
Damage to Facility. You may not damage the club in any way, including but not limited to any damage to, or theft of, exercise equipment, towels, supplies, or other club property. If you damage the club, you are liable and must pay for the damage caused and your membership may be terminated.


We invite guests to use our facility with a member present for a $20 guest fee. Before each visit, all adult guests must complete and sign a liability waiver and may be required to meet with a Fitness Consultant prior to using the center.
Offenses for sneaking in:
o 1st offense: one day suspension for member and guest
o 2nd offense: one-month individual member suspension
o 3rd offense: terminate individual member

General Requirements
• Members must stay with their guest on the Sportscenter premises during their entire visit
• We care about the safety of all members and guests; therefore, we require a copy of a driver’s license
• We reserve the right to deny any guest a tour or pass for refusal to fill out all information on the Guest Courtesy Form and giving a copy of license
• Minor Guests must be accompanied by a member at least 21 years of age.

Club Etiquette

Appropriate attire is required around the indoor/outdoor facilities, the pools, and different areas around the club.
Indoor Facilities
• Shirts/Tanks Required (Sports Bras alone not permitted/No Stringer Tanks)
• Shoes Required (No Bare Feet/except during Yoga)
• Be thoughtful & wipe down equipment after each use

Pool Areas
• No string bikinis. Full coverage bottoms must be worn
• Glass or “outside” alcohol is not permitted
• Personal food is permitted
• Please bring a beach towel for outdoor pool. Complimentary towels are for shower use only
• Please dry off before entering lobby (Shirts & shoes/flops required)
• No floats/rafts (small infant floats excluded)
• No horseplay or throwing sports balls

Departmental Policies


Weight Room
• Equipment. You must follow all safety procedures for equipment use, including but not limited to, using safety clips or stops on mechanical equipment, and refraining from dropping free weights. You may not reserve equipment for your personal use, such as with a towel, phone, etc. Please report any equipment is in disrepair immediately to a Sportscenter Team Member.
• Personal Items. Unless otherwise permitted (water bottles & phones), you may not bring or set items on the back desk. Store gym bags in the locker room. Only staff is permitted behind the back desk.
• Etiquette.
o Shirts/Tanks Required (Sports Bras alone not permitted/No Stringer Tanks)
o Shoes Required (No Bare Feet/except during Yoga)
o Return all free weights/dumbbells after each use
o Be thoughtful by wiping down equipment after each use and avoid talking on cell phones
o The use of chalk is prohibited. Do not drop weights/dumbbells onto floor
o Please allow other members to work in between sets.
o Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult
o Violation Results in Immediate Suspension

Personal Training
• Personal Training by Members or Guests. The Sportscenter retains sole discretion to determine whether a member or guest is engaged in personal training with or without compensation

We require that you respect all gymnasium equipment and facilities, including, nets, hoops, balls, backboards, and seating. You may not engage in any rough play, excessive arguments, or profanity. Unless otherwise permitted (e.g., water bottles, Gatorade, etc.), you may not bring or set bags, clothing, or other items in the gymnasium. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent/adult member. If you fail to follow these rules, your membership may be suspended or terminated.
• Basketball. During open court time, only members may play pick-up basketball. Organized team practices or paid lessons/training are not allowed. Basketballs may be checked out for exchange with collateral at the front desk.
o Game Play. Games are first come, first play. Winners stay on the court.
o Guidelines. Full court game play takes precedence (eight or more players), especially after 5pm. In between full court games, allow a 10-15 minute courtesy “shoot around” for others waiting.
o League Play. When in season, league play reserves court on any night from 6:15pm-9:30pm; depending on the start time.
o No Profanity

SC|kids Childcare
We are pleased to offer quality childcare service to our members and ask that you comply with the following guidelines we have designed to provide a healthy and secure environment for all children. Unless required by law, our childcare is not licensed, nor equipped to provide one-on-one care for children of any age. Children requiring one-on-one care may have a licensed personal care assistant (PCA). We may limit use of the childcare in our discretion, including designated play spaces. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend childcare privileges for failure to follow these policies or other directives or instructions from our Team Members.
• Use of childcare. May be used only by junior members and guests from ages six months through seven years. One hour of care is available for infants six months to one year old. Two hours of care is available for children one through seven years of age. Once your child has turned eight years old, he/she has aged out of childcare.
• Junior members may only use the childcare if they have been added to the membership of a parent or legal guardian, or, upon execution of the proper agreement, a grandparent, nanny or other responsible adult. If a child has been added to the membership, either the legal guardian or authorized adult can check the child in and out of the childcare. Children guests are able to be checked in by their legal parent or guardian with a photo identification and by paying the guest fee at the front desk. To check a child out of the Childcare, a Sportscenter membership card or government-issued photo identification card may be required. The parent must remain in the club at all times.
• Safety & Security. You and your child must enter and exit together properly using Kid Check. You may not take any photographs or video in any Kids areas. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items from cubbies or areas within childcare. Please notify us of any allergies or medical/behavioral conditions and document them into your Kid Check app.
• Behavior. To address behavioral issues, we will implement the use of activity redirection for children younger than two, and “time-outs” for children two years of age and older. We will page/call/notify parents if a crying child cannot be comforted within fifteen minutes. Please let us know your preference for “time-outs” and “crying out” times, if they vary from our policy. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend childcare privileges for any child who exhibits unsafe or inappropriate behavior.
• Clothing and Diapers. Children must be completely covered on top and bottom, including shorts, pants, tights or other covering over diapers, underwear or swimsuit bottoms. Please bring diapers and an extra change of clothes if your child is not potty trained or currently in training.
• Food and Drink. Please bring into the childcare a labeled “sippy” cup with water, juice, or, for an infant, a bottle with milk or premixed with formula clearly labeled with your child’s name, if desired. Please do not bring soda, snacks, candy, gum or other food from home. Veggie Straw snacks are provided. SC|kids is a peanut free childcare facility.
• Toys and Electronic Devices. You may not bring into the childcare any toys or electronic devices (e.g., cell phones, PSPs, Game Boys, Apple Watches, iPods, any transmitting device, etc.).
• Sick Children. In an effort to maintain a sanitary and healthy environment, we may exclude, or require that you remove, from the childcare any child we deem, in our sole discretion, to be a sick child. If a child becomes sick while in the childcare, you must immediately remove the child, whom we will endeavor to isolate until you check the child out. If your child does not attend day care, preschool or school due to sickness or illness, your child may not use our childcare. We abide by the school system “48 hours fever free” guidelines for returning to school when a child has had a fever. We reserve the right to determine whether a child is sufficiently sick to be excluded or removed from the childcare, but a child who exhibits one or more symptoms is subject to exclusion or removal.

Group Fitness and Cycling Studio
We offer introductory to advanced group fitness classes focused on strength training, cardio (e.g., athletic and choreographed), flexibility, and balance. We also offer cycling classes in our Cycling Studio.
• Reserving Space or Equipment.
o Reservations not required.
o The instructor will communicate any equipment needs for the class prior to class starting.
• Class Etiquette.
o We request that you arrive for class a few minutes early to prepare your space or equipment (e.g., bike, yoga mat/weights, etc.).
o If you arrive late, please enter the class quietly and appropriately.
o You must wait for a class to conclude before entering to prepare for the next class.
o Because classes are designed as group activities, you should follow the instructor’s routines or instructions, consistent with your personal abilities and limits.
o Please wear appropriate attire and shoes for class; no shoes required for yoga. Upon completion of class, please wipe down and return all equipment neatly to its proper place.
o Only Sportscenter Instructors may operate the stereo and lighting equipment.
• Special Yoga Etiquette. To avoid disruption, you should not enter class during opening meditation or leave during the closing resting pose. If you must leave class, please inform the teacher before the final pose.
o Proper Attire: You may not wear shoes, perfumes, or heavy jewelry. A t-shirt/tank and shoes must be worn when exiting the locker room and/or yoga area to go to other areas of the club.

• Court Reservations: You must reserve the clay tennis courts online and must be a tennis member through
• Court Usage: Only tennis and pickleball may be played on a tennis court with proper tennis equipment. No food or drinks, except water, are allowed on the courts.
• Tennis Dress Code:
o Proper tennis footwear is required.
o Attire designed specifically for tennis is suggested.
o Bathing suits are not permitted.
o Shirts must be worn at all times.
o Cut-offs, denim, and ragged clothing are not permitted.

• Court Reservations. Courts may not be reserved outside of official leagues or tournaments
• Court Usage. Only the game of racquetball or squash may be played on a racquetball court with proper equipment. Racquets, racquetballs, and protective eyewear can be checked out for exchange with collateral at the front desk.
• Attire and Eyewear. When playing any racquet sports, you must wear shoes with non-marking soles. Shirts/tanks are required. When playing racquetball or squash, we strongly encourage that you wear protective eyewear approved by USA Racquetball or U.S. Squash.
• Leagues and Lessons.
o Sportscenter Leagues and Lessons. We employ Sportscenter staff to facilitate play in tennis & racquetball leagues, tournaments, and programs at our club. We also employ teaching pros who offer private tennis lessons. For more information about Sportscenter’s racquet sport leagues, tournaments, or lessons please visit
o No Leagues or Lessons by Members or Guests. You may not host, organize, or participate in informal or formal racquet sports leagues, tournaments, or programs in our club-whether for free or a fee-that are not sponsored, organized, or sanctioned by The Sportscenter. Whether or not you receive compensation for it, you may not teach private or personal tennis, racquetball, or squash lessons on our courts. The Sportscenter retains sole discretion to determine whether a member or guest is engaged in such conduct.