Concord Cycling Studio at The Sportscenter Fitness & Athletic Club

For a workout with maximum cardio benefit that’s easy on the joints, try cycling classes at The Sportscenter Fitness & Athletic Club. Cycling is a great low-impact way to rev your heart rate, burn calories, strengthen and tone — and our gym in Concord offers 5 different group cycling classes:

  1. Endurance is a flat road ride that raises heart rate to 65-75% maximum heart rate (MHR) to more efficiently burn fat.
  2. Interval involves repetitive cycles of hard work followed by recover. With hills, springs, jumps, and flat road recovery, you’ll experience 65-92% of MHR.
  3. Strength cycling means climbing a mountain for sustained strength and power. Training at 75-85% MHR means heavy workloads (hills/jumps) to develop muscles strength, power, and endurance.
  4. Mixed format combines at least two of the formats in one class, and is based on instructor/class preference.
  5. Long ride format is similar to interval format, with biking for 70-75 minutes.

Dim lights, upbeat music, and multiple fans create the motivating atmosphere of our Cycling studio. Bring water to class – and grab a complimentary hand towel on your way in!

If you’re new cycling group fitness, our Concord gym recommends trying an interval format for your first ride. Come 10 minutes before class and meet your instructor, who will get you set up on a bike and assist you with necessary adjustments. You’ll learn hand positions (1st, 2nd, and 3rd), standing climb, and the hardest part – how to sit in the saddle.

What are the benefits of spinning classes?

  • Burn calories
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Enjoy an effective, low impact workout
  • Tone legs
  • Spin with friends
  • Get a great abdominal workout
  • Build mental strength

Check out our cycling class schedule to find a session that’s just right for you, or stop by for a free, 3-day trial membership.

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