Cardio Blast Group Fitness Classes at The Sportscenter Fitness & Athletic Club in Concord

For 45-minutes of intense, interval-based full body aerobic and resistance training, try Cardio Blast at The Sportscenter Fitness & Athletic Club.

Cardio is hit hard and fast with HIIT (high intensity interval training) that combines shorts bursts of exercise with even shorter recovery times. For complete metabolic conditioning, Cardio Blast also includes strength, core, and flexibility work.

Cardio Blasts classes at our gym in Concord take place in the Group Fitness Studio, and equipment used will vary by class – but you can expect anything from hand weights, a Reebok step, jump ropes, BOSU ball, kettlebells, and resistance balls.

Those in Cardio Blast group fitness classes at our Concord gym will burn fat, increase metabolism, experience weight loss, and promote heart health.

Want to try it for yourself? Check out the schedule of group classes or stop by and try Cardio Blast with a free, 3-day trial membership.

Let’s HIIT it!