Member Referral Program


Earn an escalating credit towards your membership dues in any 90 day period when you refer a friend that joins:

1st- $50 2nd- $100 3rd- $150 4th- $200 5th- $300 Total- $800

• Members can earn an escalating credit on their membership dues within any 90 day period by referring individuals that join The Sportscenter.
• This promotion is designed to give members the opportunity to generate a higher referral reward if more than one referral joins The Sportscenter within the 90 day period.
• The promotion is limited to 90 day periods that begin on the date that the first referral joins The Sportscenter and enters into an agreement for a one-year or two-year contract with The Sportscenter. No monthly, quarterly or semi-annual memberships can be used to qualify for this promotion. There is no carry over referrals from a previous 90 day period. Once the 90 day period is over, the member starts over and receives $50 for the next referral and can escalate from there into the next 90 day period.
• Referral payments may be delayed several months in order to recoup enough revenue to pay referral bonus. Referral reward will only be paid to referring member once The Sportscenter has received a minimum Members can participate and receive an unlimited number of escalating rebates provided they do not overlap another 90 day period.
• Escalating rewards can only be earned by individuals on the same membership. You cannot combine the referrals of multiple people that are on separate memberships. Multiple people on the same membership can combine referrals and earn an escalating reward.
• The Sportscenter reserves the right to refuse, deny or reverse any credit provided under this promotion at its sole discretion. The Sportscenter reserves the right to change the rules at any time without notice.
• Both the referring member and the referred member must indicate to The Sportscenter in advance that a referral credit is involved in order to qualify for a credit. Members may receive the credit without advanced notice, however, to ensure a credit is received the referring member must make the effort to contact The Sportscenter in advance in order to ensure the credit is awarded to them.
• The reward under this promotion is limited to a credit towards future membership dues. No cash or cash equivalents will be awarded for referrals.
• Reward under this promotion do not apply to group accounts