zumba class sportscenterAs a group fitness instructor at the Sportscenter Fitness Club, I am blessed to teach cycling, BODYPUMP, Barre and yoga. I understand how difficult it can be to walk into your first group fitness class. It can be the hardest yet most rewarding step!
Recently, the tables were turned, I was the participant (instead of instructor) in a Zumba class. I am NOT a dancer and have limited exposure to Zumba. So I didn’t completely know what to expect. The feelings within me were excitement to try something new but nervousness in my own abilities and personal awkwardness. (I often get my right and left mixed up)
I HAD SO MUCH FUN!! There was no reason to be apprehensive. Rob Cox was the Zumba instructor and he is incredible! Now, could I do the “moves”? NO! But I recognize that in group classes there is a learning curve. I cannot expect myself to get everything right away. I know to be patient with myself and as I tell new members, “Think baby steps!” Things get better each and every time we do a class. We learn what the steps are called and how to move our bodies. We are continually trying to refine and improve. To be our best self in that moment!
Did Rob or anyone else care what I looked like? NO!
Did Robert make me feel encouraged? YES! I felt encouraged, comfortable, not judged or evaluated. I had so much fun! The joy on his face during class! He was absolutely loving his “space “, all 6 foot 4” of him. Rob’s Joy poured over us all. I mean look at the bliss on his face!

I am excited and look forward to my next Zumba class. Can I hope to see you there?